Trusted Soft Tissue Surgery for Pets in Columbia & York

At Columbia Animal Hospital, our skilled and compassionate team is dedicated to treating cats and dogs who need help by offering an extensive list of soft tissue surgery options. We are committed to treating every animal who walks through our doors with a gentle touch and an eye for effective results. Our seasoned pet surgeons leverage advanced technology, years of experience, and animal-loving values to deliver reliable surgical procedures without ever skimping on quality.

If your furry loved one is suffering for unknown reasons or simply not acting like themselves, don't hesitate to contact our office. We will run thorough exams to determine which of our vast surgical options will be the best choice for your pet to help them enjoy a bright, healthy future. Contact our office today and schedule an appointment!


Our Broad Range of Soft Tissue Surgery Options

Soft tissue surgeries include a broad range of different procedures that don't have to do with orthopedic or neurological issues. Our skilled veterinarians and trusted staff leverage advanced in-house technology to confidently perform a broad range of treatments. We aim to preserve and improve the health, functionality, and quality of life of your precious pets, starting now and continuing for years into the future.

We can perform soft tissue surgery for dogs and cats, covering many different complications and parts of the body, including, but not limited to:

  • Masses & Tumor Removal
  • Amputations
  • Bulla Osteometry
  • Splenectomy
  • Gall Bladder Surgery
  • Exploratory Surgery
  • Urinary Surgery
  • Kidney Removal
  • Cancer Surgery
  • Gastric Dilatation-Volvulus (GDV) Services
  • Stomach Surgery
  • Eye Surgery
  • Nasial Fold Surgery

Our Precise Surgical Process

We are committed to uncovering the root of your pet's issue swiftly and with care. Our attentive veterinary team will perform comprehensive physical examinations, checking them from head to tail. We can also offer advanced diagnostics like ultrasound services and CT scanning assisted by our in-house laboratory. This will help our team determine which surgery is the right choice for your pet and if they are healthy enough to undergo anesthesia.

We are dedicated to employing all the necessary preparations and precautions so your pet experiences as safe and effective soft tissue surgery as possible. We will devise an efficient plan of action to help restore your pet's health, functionality, and quality of life.

Soft Tissue Surgery for Dogs & Cats FAQ

We are caring and concerned pet parents, just like you. Our friendly team understands that you have questions, and we are happy to answer any of your concerns or curiosities regarding soft tissue surgery for pets. We will never leave you in the dark about any procedural steps, materials that we use, anesthesia options, or how to provide care during recovery. Some frequently asked questions regarding soft tissue surgery include:

Will my pet's surgery be performed on the day of the initial appointment?

Surgery will most likely not be performed on the same day as the initial consultation. We take the diagnostic process very seriously, and we would like to fully determine the most effective and least intrusive plan of action before beginning with surgery. However, if your pet needs emergency surgery, our services will most likely be expedited.

We recommend you do not feed your pet the morning before surgery, as it helps to reduce the chances of regurgitation before or after anesthesia. A small amount of water should be fine. We also recommend you refrain from feeding your pet before an ultrasound examination as any food particles in the abdomen can obscure our view of their inner structures.

Most pets adapt fairly quickly to their new situation after surgery. If you find they're anxious, hyperactive, or uncomfortable for a long stretch during the recovery period, don't hesitate to consult our veterinarians. We provide tips to hasten the healing process and discuss medications to help them relax during the recovery process.

Reliable Soft Tissue Surgery in Columbia

At Columbia Animal Hospital, we are a skilled and compassionate team backed by advanced technical resources. We aim to properly investigate your pet's issue and treat it effectively utilizing our vast range of surgical procedures. We know that when your precious furry family member has to undergo surgery, it can be an anxious experience for you and for them. Rest assured, our efficient animal hospital has countless success stories about delivering soft tissue surgery for dogs and cats that assist their health and well-being for years to come.

Our Columbia animal hospital looks forward to meeting you and your adorable pets so we can forge a trusted professional relationship that can be relied on for years into the future. Contact us today to find out more about our veterinary soft tissue surgeries!



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