Your Day Emergency Vet in Columbia & York

Every good pet owner understands the importance of bringing their cat or dog in for regular checkups. However, when your pet experiences a medical emergency, it can leave even the most experienced owners scrambling to find a veterinary practice that can meet its sudden needs. At Columbia Animal Hospital, we provide skilled day emergency vet care that gives your pet the attention it needs and the pain relief it deserves.

Whether your pet has been hit by a vehicle or is experiencing intense vomiting, our Columbia emergency vet is here for them. We can also perform emergency animal surgery for critical situations. If you think your pet is experiencing a medical emergency, contact our office as soon as possible to schedule an appointment!


Why Trust Us for Emergency Vet Care

Here's what you can expect our team to provide:

  1. Immediate Access to Care: One of the most important aspects of our day emergency veterinary services is that your pet gets immediate access to professional medical care. As emergencies can happen at any point in the day, our team is here to provide your pet with urgent attention.
  2. Continuity of Care: Depending on your pet's emergency circumstances, they may need to be kept overnight and monitored. At Columbia Animal Hospital, we have the capability to provide continuity of care so that your pet isn't sent to another practice.
  3. Peace of Mind: Above all else, day emergency veterinary care provides you with valuable peace of mind to know they're in good hands. Our Columbia emergency vet is dedicated to your pet's well-being and always has the time to answer your questions and address your concerns.

When Should I Bring My Pet In?

One of the more challenging aspects of a sudden emergency is knowing when to bring your pet in. Although there are various situations where you can wait until their next appointment, if you believe your pet is experiencing an emergency, we recommend that you bring them in as soon as possible. We encourage you to call ahead to our practice so that our emergency vet can better prepare for your pet's arrival. Some of the most common situations where you should take your pet in for emergency veterinary care is if your pet:

  • Has been hit by a vehicle or suffered a severe injury.
  • Has unexpectedly collapsed.
  • Is experiencing sudden and severe bloating.
  • Is vomiting violently and frequently.
  • Is having difficulty breathing.
  • Suddenly cannot move one or multiple legs.
  • Has been attacked by another animal.

What Types of Emergency Animal Surgery Do You Provide?

Our veterinary team has the skills and equipment to handle even the most complex orthopedic and soft tissue surgeries. For example, we can perform surgeries on your pet for bone fractures, organ trauma, hematoma, and tumors. You can rest assured that we'll work to get your pet back to feeling their best.

Helping Your Pet Feel Comfortable

At Columbia Animal Hospital, we understand that a medical emergency can distress your pet and make them feel uncomfortable. That's why, when you bring your pet to our office, our compassionate team works hard to help them feel comforted and less stressed. We use fear-free handling techniques that allow us to move or manipulate your pet without making them feel overwhelmed or threatened. A member of our staff will also be close to your pet to help keep them company whenever there's a situation where you cannot be in the room.

Day Emergencies FAQs

One of our primary goals is to give you the knowledge to make confident decisions for your pet in emergencies. Rest assured that you can always contact us and have any of your questions or concerns addressed. Some of the most frequently asked questions about our day emergency veterinary services include:

Do you accept first-time patients?

Yes. Your pet does not need to be a patient of record to day emergency services.

If you contact our office ahead of time and communicate that you may have trouble getting your pet out of the car, our team will help you get them into our office. Oftentimes, it's best to move your pet as little as possible because situations like trauma or broken bones can cause your pet pain and discomfort.

Yes. We regularly cater to the emergency needs of pets of all ages. Whether you have a kitten or a senior dog, our team will provide them with age-appropriate care.

A Columbia Day Emergency Veterinarian for You

If your pet is experiencing a medical emergency, Columbia Animal Hospital is here for you. We provide skilled day emergency veterinary care, including emergency animal surgery. You can rest assured that we'll give your pet the experienced professional medical care they need at any time during the day. Contact us today as soon as possible to schedule your pet's next visit with our Columbia emergency veterinarian!



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