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F. Tick Control | Columbia Animal Hospital

Tick Control

Lyme Disease is transmitted through the bite of a tick. The disease is actually named after the town in Connecticut where an early outbreak was first noticed… Lyme, Connecticut. (Remember, ticks don’t cause the disease, they merely harbor and transmit the bacteria that cause the disease.) At least three known species of ticks can transmit Lyme Disease. However, the great majority of Lyme Disease transmissions are due to the bite of a very tiny tick commonly called the Deer Tick, or Black-legged Tick. Lyme Disease in dogs has been reported in every state but certain geographical areas are much more likely to harbor bacteria-carrying ticks than others. Pennsylvania has a high report of Lyme Disease in animals. Both Lancaster and York Counties are at high risk according to an article on Lyme Disease at the Department of Health website. Counties with a five-year average incidence of =10 per 100,000 population were considered “high risk.” To view the list of all of the high risk counties is Pennsylvania click here.

To help prevent your pet from contracting the disease, we recommend having your pet lymes and heartworm tested annually and use a product such as Frontline Plus, Advantix, or Revolution to help keep your pet free of fleas and ticks. We also strongly suggest that all dogs be vaccinated against Lymes disease with an annual vaccination.