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H. Hospitalization & Surgery | Columbia Animal Hospital

Hospitalization & Surgery

As much as all pet owners hope that their pets never need to be hospitalized or have surgery, we realize there will be times when it’s necessary. Our Doctors and Staff are here to make the situation as easy on the owners and the pets, as possible. Our diagnostics, including digital radiography, ultrasound and in-house lab, help us to find a diagnosis quickly and as non-invasively as possible.

Surgical procedures on animals, as with humans, can carry inherent and sometimes serious risks. With today’s advances in anesthesia, surgical techniques, and modern equipment, we have greatly minimized the risks. We offer pre-surgical blood tests to help determine your pet’s general well being prior to surgery and the use of lasers in some procedures has greatly reduced blood loss and decreases the patient’s postoperative pain. Our surgeons are skilled in soft tissue surgery as well as orthopedic procedures. The surgeon will keep you informed about what they were able to accomplish with the surgery and any post surgical home care requirements that will be expected of you as a care giver. Home care providers may have as important a part in the outcome of the procedure as the surgeon. It can be challenging to keep an excited dog quiet and restrained for 10 days or a cat from wanting to jump off the couch or bed! We need our pet’s owner’s help along these lines to insure a successful healing process.