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I. Dental & Health Care Diets | Columbia Animal Hospital

Dental & Health Care Diets

Studies show that proper dental care will extend an animal’s life 2-5 years. Also tests prove that 40-60% of animal’s deaths from liver problems are due to infections in the animal’s gums. By scheduling your animal’s dental visit when you schedule your own dental visit, you will make sure your animal stays in the best of health.

We recommend dental cleaning of pet’s teeth every six months or at the very least once a year. Proper oral care can prevent abscesses of the teeth, root canals and bad breath. We recommend that dental x-rays be done at the same time as your pet’s dental cleaning to help identify any underlying problems that may be developing below the gum line that aren’t visible during a regular oral exam.

We also provide products such as specially formulated toothpaste and toothbrushes for animals, oral rinses, plaque prevention kits and solutions that can be added to your pet’s drinking water to help promote oral health and fresh breath. There are also specially formulated prescription diets that help your pet’s oral health. We can help you decide what requirements will be best for your pet’s oral health.